Tips to Follow For Removing Musty Smell after Carpet Damage by Water

Water damage caused to carpet is common nowadays due to a leaky roof or leaking pipes. Thus, the Carpet Water Damage Restoration in Brisbane can fill with the entire unpleasant and musky odour. This odour may sometimes even irritate you and put a bad impression on other people. This smell should be removed as soon as possible. Thus, removing the smell is an important part of carpet repair. Let’s see how you can remove this musky smell from your house after water damage.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration
Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Identifying The Smell Source

There may be cases you may encounter musty smell in your house with the water damage that is visible. The musty smell in your house directly related to the growth of mould near you it may be in carpet also. According to the Professional Carpet Cleaners mould usually prefers to grow in an environment which is dark, warm and damp. The mould may also grow in some of the specific places such as under the carpet with moisture. You can easily find the mould in the environment which is humid and has moisture.

Removing The Damaged As Well As Wet Material

There may be some of the material present in your house that cannot be repaired once they are damaged with the mould. You should immediately remove those materials that got mould as it can get spread to other materials also and can affect the interior of your house. You can easily prevent damage by removing these materials. You should be sure that you wear the breathing mask while removing the mould from those materials. Your carpet may be one of those materials that can have mould but the mould can be removed from carpets by the help of carpet mould removal solutions.

Clearing The Location of The Mould Spores

Once you remove all the mould damaged material you should inspect other material also for the prevention of your house. You need to remove the mould with the help of effective carpet mould removal methods and solution. Thus, you can easily remove mold with the following recipe.


  • Two Parts of White Vinegar
  • One Part Boric Acid
  • Two Parts Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Four Parts Water

You need to prepare a mixture of all the above contaminants but you need to use this mixture in the limit. This is because the extra usage can lead to the growth of extra moisture in these areas.

Ventilating and Deodorising The Area

Once you are completed with mopping and scrubbing the extra moisture from your carpet, you need to dry the carpet with the help of additional airflow. You can choose to set one space heater or one box fan. You should plan the process of cleaning on a nice and breezy day. You should open all the windows of your house and allow the fresh air to get into your house.

Carpet Flood Damage Restoration
Carpet Flood Damage Restoration

Get the Best Results with the Professional Carpet Damage Repair Services

The professional carpet cleaners present at Next Day Cleaning are well-experienced and skilled in treating the damaged carpet. We can provide you all the guaranteed results and you can undoubtedly choose to hire our professional for this task.

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