Gray water damaging your carpets? Restore it with us

Is your carpet damaged by unsanitary gray water flooding? Call us today to get your carpet cleaned and restored without any hassles;

Due to faulty plumbing lines and leaks, your carpets can be water damaged. Water flooding from broken water supply lines, water tubs, washing machines, and dishwashers might damage your carpets. The water discharge from these sources as termed as “gray water” and contain microorganism that can cause infection if left untreated. Moreover, the water-soaked carpets if left untreated turn into a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms that may the health of your family. Get your carpets that are soaked with “gray water” professionally cleaned to minimize damage to your expensive rugs and also to safeguard your health. Fret not, Carpet Cleaning is a skilled company that will deep clean and restore your “gray water” flooded carpet in no time.

Whenever your home is flooded with gray water and your carpet is water damaged, contact us at Next Day Cleaning and do the following;

Rather than throwing out your expensive carpet that has been soaked with “gray water”, get them professionally cleaned by experts. Out in house team of experts are just available on a call and give priority for emergency situations. Our team of experts is apt in removes the harmful “gray water” soaked in your expensive rugs and also eliminate the microorganisms seeking refuge in the moisture. Moreover, the carpets are given a deep cleaning with specialized solutions to remove bad odors and to make them sparkle.

Carpet Damaged Restoration

Our cleaning technology used at Carpet Cleaning;

Upon placing your call, our team of experts arrives at your doorstep. They follow a standard set of protocols to restore your carpet that has been damaged by “gray water” from your home’s faulty plumbing lines. They follow the prescribed steps in chronological order to restore your carpets;

  • A visual inspection of the gray water damaged carpet and the surrounding area to provide an evaluation report.
  • After an initial evaluation, the excess water from the water is sucked out using a high suction water vacuum.
  • Once the excess water has been removed, the padding from the water-soaked carpet is removed to assess their redeem ability.
  • If the padding has been water damaged, it is discarded else if it cleaned by our expert team.
  • The water-soaked is prepped for cleaning by applying suitable conditioning agents.
  • Once the conditioning agents are absorbed, a professional cleaning solution is applied to clean the carpets.
  • These professionally cleaning solutions are helpful in sanitizing your carpet by removing the microorganisms growing in them.
  • In the next step, the carpet is cleaning with hot water to rinse your professionally cleaned carpets.
  • After rinsing, the carpet is vacuumed and dried to remove the excess moisture and to ensure its quick drying.
  • Once the carpet is dry, the special solution from Carpet Cleaning is applied to eliminate odors and to protect your cleansed carpet.

Tips to control the gray water damage before we reach;

Our team of experts provides round the clock services to ensure that your cleaning needs are met. However, you can also minimize the water damage to a certain extent by following a set of precautionary procedures;

  • Identify the source of gray water leakage and turn off the water supply to ensure to minimize further damage.
  • Remove the carpet from the water-soaked area and leave in dry area.
  • Wear shoes and disposable gloves while handling the carpet soaked with gray water to limit contact with microorganisms.
  • Cordon off the area to prevent the entry of babies, children, and pets.
  • Soak up the excess moisture by placing water absorbent towels and paper.
  • Refrain from using a vacuum cleaner to absorb moisture as they spread the microorganisms.          

Why should you hire us?

If you hire the professionals from Next Day Cleaning proficient in flood damage restoration Brisbane, you can be assured about the following;

  • 24 x 7 priority cleaning solutions
  • Deep cleaning technology with exceptional quality
  • International company with vast expertise
  • Odor removal with quick drying time
  • Environmental friendly cleaning

Keep a note of Next Day Cleaning contact number, so that you can contact us when you need to get your carpet restored from gray water damage.