How to Restore Carpet Water Damage?

Carpets tend to suffer damage due to heavy use and chronic wear and tear. Sometimes stains can also lead to damage and deterioration. Water damage is caused when carpets soak in moisture or water in their fibres. Depending upon the source of water damage, it can lead to the permanent collapse of the carpet installation.

Water damage of the carpet can happen because of water flooding, bursting of plumbing pipes, roof leakages or malfunctioning of water using appliances. It is advisable that you hire professional carpet cleaning services for wet carpet cleaning or for Best Carpet Flood Damage Restoration in Brisbane Services. Professionals will start carpet water extraction first and then deliver the required wet carpet cleaning and carpet sanitisation services. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some steps you may take to restore your water damaged carpets on time. Follow the steps given below for carpet water damage restoration at home.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration
Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Steps For Carpet Water Damage Restoration

  • First of all, you need to move your carpet from the source of flooding or from the water flooded area of your floor.
  • Asses the amount of water soaked in by the carpet so that you may start carpet water extraction asap. It is important to carry carpet water extraction on time or it will result in permanent water damage.
  • Take two plain towels and put them above and below the wet carpet. Press them to absorb all soaked in water. Repeat this process again and again to extract all the liquid water soaked in by the carpet.
  • Now since all the liquid water is removed now it is important to remove the moisture from the carpet. You can use commercial dehumidifiers or fans or just hair dryers for this purpose.
  • Run the hair drier all along with the wet patches of the carpet. Make sure you run the drier on very low grades so that you don’t burn the carpet fibres. Keep repeating this process until the moisture completely fades away.
  • Wet Carpet drying is a long process if you want to avoid taking any chances you can put your carpet under sunlight for optimum and safe drying.
  • Now since the carpets are dry, use a vacuum cleaner and clean the carpets throughout to get rid of all the dirt and debris.
Carpet Flood Damage Restoration
Carpet Flood Damage Restoration

Hiring The Professionals

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