How to Clean Ceramic Tile

Cleaning the ceramic tile is a very easy job if the instructions are followed properly and is right products are chosen. If the ceramic tiles are regularly maintained, it will prevent the tile from dirt and grime collecting.

Regular vacuuming or sweeping and mopping the ceramic tiles will do better and gives effective results. If something spills on the tile, it will turn into stain immediately if you fail to notice and clean it. Identify the stain immediately and clean it using the right cleaning agent.

Steam cleaning the tile will help you to remove the stubborn stain on the ceramic tile. Here are a few tips to clean the ceramic tiles.

Regularly sweep the ceramic tile floors

When you sweep your ceramic Tile Cleaning regularly or at least once in a week, it will remove the dust and dirt from the floor. You can even use the vacuum cleaner to get your tiles to shine brightly. After sweeping mop the tiles once in a week or twice, no need to use any soapy water or detergent liquid.

Simple washing will keep the floor shining brightly. After mopping with the wet cloth, wring the mop properly and allow the ceramic tile floors to dry clearly in proper ventilation to prevent it from new dirt or to protect you from slipping.

Ceramic Tile Floors Brisbane

Ceramic Tile Floors Brisbane

If you are using the liquid soap or detergent liquid use non-toxic products which are safe for you and your family. Using too much soapy liquid or detergent liquid leaves the soapy residue on the floors. Regularly maintain the ceramic tile floors without using any strong and harmful chemicals because the strong chemicals can reduce the quality and look of the tile floors.

Use doormats

This is really very important, use doormats on the every entry point of the house and rooms to avoid extra dirt to settle on the floors in the form of footprints. Even place rug inside your home. Tell your family members and visitors to wipe the feet on the mats before entering the house. Ask them to remove their shoes before entering the house. Use the doormats especially during rainy season.

Clean the spills immediately

When you spill something on the ceramic Tile floors try to clean the spill immediately, as longer the spills settle on the floor it will create a big headache for you by turning in to stubborn stain. Use a mop or absorbent clothes to clear the spills immediately.

Clean the grout

Clean the Ceramic Tile Floors

Clean the Ceramic Tile Floors

Over the time the grouts will become colorless and disgusting. It is very important to keep the grout clean by doing regular cleaning. To clean the grouts mix the baking soda and water in equal portion and gently make a coating on the grout. Leave the paste to sit on the grout for at least 8 to 9 hours. Now start scrubbing the grout vigorously using the toothbrush. After scrubbing wipe the area using wet sponge or cloth. If you have larger areas of grout purchase the grout cleaning brush. Even you can use the vinegar and water solution to get best results.